Cheer Camps

Offered in Various Levels


Little ones learn all the cheer basics: jumps, stunts, dancing, and tumbling. This one-hour camp will keep your little one constantly moving and engaged. They will have fun while learning and building a strong foundation in cheer. This strong foundation will help improve their flexibility and strength for long-term success as an athlete.

Ratio of student to teacher – 6:1

Ages 3-6

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Cheer FUNdamentals

This camp is a great way to introduce young athletes to the sport of cheer.  This 1 1/2 hour camp will teach students the basics of tumbling, stunting, cheer motions, and jump technique.  Twice a year (in October and February) this camp will learn a choreographed routine and will perform in our 360 Exhibition held in our gym.  This camp is currently taking enrollments, and offering free trial camps.  We will close enrollments as we get closer to performance dates in order to keep team choreography.

The ratio of the student to teacher – 8:1

Ages 6-11


Our stunt instructors will help you master this skill by teaching you about timing, body positioning and how to fly safely. Flyers in this camp will work on stretches and strength exercises specific to flying, and also have time to fly with our professional stunt groups. Flyer camps are available to Pop-Warner flyers, high school flyers, and All-Star flyers.

The ratio of the students to teacher – 5:3

Jumps and Strength Camps


To build and improve your jumps, working on your strength is essential!
During this 45 minute camp, our instructors will help you improve your flexibility and strength to improve your toe-touches, tuck jumps, pikes, hurdles, and other cheerleading jumps. Instructors will teach proper technique for these jumps so that your skills continue to grow. It is one of our best accomplishments when our students improve and grow in our camps.


Do you want to jump higher, hit your jumps sharper, and improve your techniques?
If so, then our jumps and strength camp at South Bay Cheer 360 is perfect for you!

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