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Prep teams are a great introduction to the sport of All Star Cheer and Cheer 360 now offers full season All Star Prep teams.  Cheer 360 has a history of excellence in training Prep athletes.  Our Prep athletes build skills and confidence that prepares them for All-Star Elite tryouts and high school tryouts.  Most of our students on prep teams go on to All-Star Elite or high school teams.

Our All-Star Prep athletes have placed first in competitions such as CheerSport, PacWest, Aloha, GSSA, USA, American, and more.  These athletes practice 5 hours a week which includes 4 hours of team practice and 1 hour of tumbling at their individual level.

Prep team competitions are all one-day events and semi-local with the furthest competitions in San Diego.  Prep Teams are a full year commitment with the season starting in June and finishing in May of the following year.

All-Star Team Level Requirements:

Level 1

  • Forward roll
  • Backwards roll
  • Cartwheel
  • Round-off
  • Back walkover
  • Front walkover

Level 2

  • Round-off multiple back handsprings
  • Standing back handspring
  • Cartwheel back handspring
  • Back walkover back handspring
  • Combination passes*
  • Front walkover round off multiple back handsprings
  • Back handspring step out through to round off back handsprings

Level 3

  • Round-off back handspring tuck
  • Punch Front
  • Standing 3 back handsprings
  • Combo*
  • Front handspring though to back tuck
  • Back handspring step out
    through to tuck
  • Punch front through to tuck

Level 4

  • Round-off back handspring layout
  • Standing back tuck
  • Standing double handspring layout
  • Toe touch back handspring back tuck
  • Combo passes*
  • Punch front step out to layout
  • Whip through to layout
  • Whip punch layout
  • Front handspring punch front
    through to layout
*Team level placements are based off tumbling as well as jumps, stunts, dance, and attitude

*Participants will be asked to throw all 3 cheer jumps: toe touch, pike jump, and hurdler, and combinations of the 3 with standing tumbling.

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